What Makes Up a Below the Knee Wedding Dress?

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a wedding dress, consider a Below the Knee style. This style comes in several styles, lengths, and details. Here’s an overview of these styles. To choose the perfect one, think about your body type and the type of wedding you’re planning.

Anatomy of a wedding dress

The wedding dress is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing. It represents joy, celebration and hope. The dress is also one of the most technically complex and intricate pieces of clothing. Some of its parts may not be familiar to you, as they differ from other types of clothing you wear on a regular basis. However, knowing what makes up your wedding dress can help you choose the perfect one for your big day.

The wedding dress train is the elongated piece of fabric that extends down the back of the skirt. A train can drastically change the look of a wedding dress. The train has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. In those days, the length of a bride’s train signified her rank at court. Today, cathedral trains extend beyond the hem of a dress, while court and watteau trains spill from the shoulders and fall to the floor.

Below the Knee wedding dress
Below the Knee wedding dress


Below-the-knee wedding dresses can be a timeless choice if you want to look elegant and classic on your big day. These bridesmaid gowns come in a variety of different styles, including a beaded gown, a modern A-line skirt, and more. Here are some of the most popular below-the-knee styles.

Strapless: A strapless gown will accentuate your figure, with a slender neckline and tea-length silhouette. Choosing a plain fabric is an excellent choice for modern brides, while a strapless dress is a more traditional choice. A-like skirts are also a great option to cinch your waist.

Halterneck: A halterneck is another popular choice. This design features a neckline with two straps that cross at the shoulder. These dresses are incredibly flattering, especially on women with small or medium busts. Another popular style is the heart-shaped neckline, which looks like the top half of a heart and emphasizes the decolletage. High-necklines are also a great option for those who want a more modest look.


If you’re a short woman, a below the knee wedding dress is a smart and sweet option for your big day. Most online models are around 5ft 9″, but you can always go to a seamstress to have the dress altered if needed. You can also try a ballerina-inspired dress, like Camilla by Catherine Deane, or a more fashion-forward cut like Halston Heritage.

Below the Knee wedding dress

Shorter dresses also make great foreign-themed weddings. They are a popular choice in places like Cyprus and Venice, which feature narrow streets and wild beaches. Short dresses are catching on around the world and have even caught the attention of many famous designers.


When selecting a below-the-knee wedding dress, it is important to check out the details. This includes the embellishments, the interior and the quality of construction. Flaws in the construction or embellishments can be a sign of poor quality. Remember, your dress is a work of art and you want to make sure that it is flawless. It is also important to remember the designer who made it. Cincinnati-based Renee Grace is one of the leading wedding dress makers in the state.

The shape of the dress is also important. It should sit below the face. It may have sleeves or not, depending on your preference. The sleeves can either be sleeveless or have a classic chic look. The bodice should connect the waistline and bust, and can be styled. The silhouette will determine the overall shape of the dress and the way it fits.


If you are planning to wear a Below the Knee wedding dress, it’s important to buy the proper undergarments to keep yourself comfortable. A bride should purchase undergarments that will not roll up or down and will not interfere with her dress. A bride should also look for undergarments that won’t interfere with bathroom visits.

Below the Knee wedding dress

One of the most important things to choose when shopping for undergarments is the bra. A proper bra can help you achieve the perfect shape and will keep your dress in place. Spanx’s full-coverage shapewear can provide extra coverage while creating a smooth, seamless base for your wedding gown.