Kimono Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Kimono wedding dresses can be a great choice for the bride-to-be. The traditional style is a strapless gown that has a kimono sleeve tied in the back. It can have floral, bird, or scallop patterns on the surface. The process to change a kimono’s style is relatively quick and easy.


The Shiromuku, the all-white kimono, is the most traditional wedding dress in Japan. The white color of the kimono symbolizes purity and is accompanied by a white hood called a wataboshi, which is also known as a tsunokakushi. The hood has many symbolic meanings and is usually worn to keep away evil spirits. It is also worn during sacred wedding ceremonies.

This type of kimono was traditionally worn by brides from samurai families. It is characterized by its all-white ensemble, which makes it stand out from the other kimono wedding dresses. In addition to its pure white color, the shiromuku is often decorated with intricate embroidery to make it even more beautiful.

Kimono Sleeve wedding dress
Kimono Sleeve wedding dress


The Iro-Uchikake kimono is one of the most popular styles of wedding dress in Japan. This traditional style was originally worn by the wives of samurai during the Muromachi period and it soon became popular among aristocrats and rich merchants of the Edo period. It is a simple, colorful wedding dress that is perfect for a fall wedding.

The Iro-Uchikake Kimones can be embroidered with intricate designs and patterns. The traditional kimono sleeve is often made of several different colors, and is embroidered with gold thread. However, a new trend is the pastel-colored style that is gaining popularity among younger generations.


A wedding dress in the Japanese style of hikifurisode is a kimono with long flowing sleeves and a trailing furisode. This type of kimono is worn by brides and is often adorned with gold or silver threads. Traditionally, hikifurisode was worn by samurai women during ceremonial occasions. Today, you can find this style of kimono in a variety of colors. There is even a completely white version of a hikifurisode that is worn in Shinto ceremonies.

This type of kimono has long sleeves and hangs below the wrists. There are three types of hikifurisode, with the most formal being worn at a wedding, while the other two are worn to celebrate other events like coming out ceremonies or graduations. If you are considering purchasing a hikifurisode for your wedding, you should consider looking up examples online.

Kimono Sleeve wedding dress

Rafia mermaid

The Rafia mermaid ‘kimono sleeves’ wedding dress features a tiered organza skirt and horsehair trim. The bodice is adorned with Swarovski crystals and intricate beaded embroidery. Its V-back and cold-shoulder sleeves have a puffy effect. The dress also features custom shooting star embroidery. It is available in Misty Violet or Sunbeam and comes with clear and seed beads.

The Rafia mermaid ‘kimono sleeves’ wedding dress is a gorgeous wedding gown that is both elegant and sexy. The mermaid style is a classic choice that will flatter your body type and compliment your personal style. It is also a classic choice that will last for years to come.

Ellis Bridals

The Ellis Bridals Kimono Sleeve wedding gown is a modern take on a classic silhouette. It features a corseted bodice with pleated tulle layers and a statement tier. It is available in a variety of colors and features an embroidered bodice. This elegant wedding dress can be worn with heels or flats, and comes with a matching veil.

This stunning wedding dress is made of satin and features flutter sleeves that come to the elbow. The dress is a comfortable choice for warm weather weddings. It is also available in maternity and petite sizes. The kimono style is perfect for those planning an outdoor destination wedding, and the flutter sleeve provides coverage without being constricting. The ease of this midi wedding dress will make it a popular choice for destination and summer weddings.

Kimono Sleeve wedding dress

Vogue by Dando London

The Vogue by Dando London Kimona Sleeve wedding dress is a beautiful choice for a modern bride. The dress is designed to fit the body comfortably and show off a sexy curve. Christine Dando is a renowned designer who has become a household name thanks to her stunning creations. She is an established TV personality and regularly appears on ‘Say Yes to the Dress UK’. Her designs are available worldwide.

The designer, Kathy Ireland, uses the highest quality fabrics and lace to create each unique gown. She takes her inspiration from various sources and puts emphasis on the cut and fit of her gowns as well as the comfort of the bride. Her latest collection has a variety of silhouettes and features luxurious beading and long trains. There is also a plunging neckline and a stunning back on each dress.