Gothic Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re a fan of the dark side or are just getting married, a Gothic wedding dress might be the perfect fit. This style of wedding gown is characterized by colors like black and purple. It’s also sometimes combined with other colors like white. However, the right color combination can be a tricky one, so it’s best to do some research before you decide on a color scheme.


A black Gothic wedding dress is a striking alternative to a traditional wedding gown. This style is characterized by lace, black color, and corset-like bodice. This style flatters most figure types. For ladies with big busts, a strapless style may be the way to go.

Gothic wedding dress
Gothic wedding dress


If you are looking for a purple Gothic wedding dress, then you are not alone! This style has been popular for several years, and is becoming more popular as designers begin to delve into the world of dark fantasy and medieval art. While this style isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of options for those who want to make a statement.

Purple and black

Black and purple are a fantastic combination for a gothic wedding dress. This dress style often features a black and purple lace bodice and tulle skirt, and can be worn throughout the year. Sheer purple sleeves are also an excellent option for spring or summer weddings, especially if you’ll be holding your ceremony outdoors.

Black and white

If you want a dramatic wedding gown with a unique look, then a black and white Gothic wedding dress may be the perfect choice. These wedding dresses feature corset-like bodices, black color, and lace. They are flattering to most figure types. However, ladies with large busts should consider a strapless dress.

Gothic wedding dress


A velvet Gothic wedding dress can be simple, yet edgy. The style can feature a high, vintage neckline and lace panels. This style is flattering for most body types and can be worn on a formal wedding or a more informal occasion. It will work best for ladies with hourglass, pear, or other shapes, but may be too tight on ladies with more rectangular or larger busts.


A Steampunk Gothic wedding dress can be made of heavy patterned brocade with steel hooks up the front and lace along the bust. It may also be made with flared or straight sleeves. It may not have a collar. This type of wedding dress can be easily customized to suit your personal taste.


Gothic wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and can feature corset-like bodices, long tulle skirts, and lace accents. Many goth wedding gowns feature tulle and lace in addition to a deep plunging neckline and long train.

Gothic wedding dress

Heavy velvets

The Gothic wedding dress style is characterized by heavy velvets and dark colors. This style is also known for its extensive use of lace and jet beads. Gothic wedding dresses can be surprisingly beautiful if they are designed by a talented designer. Often, black is used as the wedding color. Black is a symbol of love and commitment and can look particularly romantic when teamed with a Spanish wedding dress that features a short train and flowing black lace skirt.

Jet beads

Jet beads make an amazing addition to a Gothic wedding dress. A Gothic wedding dress is typically black with jet beads on the bodice and skirt. This is one of the more classic looks, but it can also be customized with other decorations.

Lace chokers

If you are planning to wear a Gothic wedding dress, you can wear a lace choker with it. This accessory is suitable for most Gothic-themed weddings and will match the theme very well. There are a few reasons why a Gothic bride should wear a lace choker with her dress.